The magnificence of the Blue Bubble Boat!

Published : 05/31/2018 11:14:27

The Bubble Bubble Team accompanied by François Caillou, CEO of the Blue Bubble brand and keen sailing enthusiast, is setting sail with Yann Blondel our skipper for a short while. Departure was scheduled for Saturday May 26, 2018 off Les Sables d'Olonnes on the west coast of France, with a calm sea and threatening weather. We managed to stay dry and find a little wind, check out this trip below with some cool pictures:

Blue Bubble Boat_1 Blue Bubble Boat_2 Blue Bubble Boat_3

Blue Bubble Boat_4 Blue Bubble Boat_4 Blue Bubble Boat_6 

Blue Bubble Boat_7 Blue Bubble Boat_8 Blue Bubble Boat_9 Blue Bubble Boat_9

Blue Bubble Boat_10 Blue Bubble Boat_11 Blue Bubble Boat_12

Blue Bubble Boat_13

Don't forget to stay tuned, there's lots of suprises awaiting you very soon… #CatchTheWave


Photos Credits: Florian Blaszkewiz @wander.flo

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