About Us


Blue Bubble is a brand of Concept Manufacturing Group, creator and manufacturer of high-tech specialized BtoB hygiene products. We are a family-run business based in Normandy, France, since 1998.

Concept Manufacturing Group, with its experience and high-tech know-how in microfibers used in very demanding environments such as hospitals, maternity wards, schools, luxury hotels and palaces, to name a few, created the Blue Bubble range. Blue Bubble is driven by luxury, mixing maximum comfort with unequaled performance.

This range is for wellness seekers but uncompromising when it comes to quality and manufacturing transparency.

Why “Blue Bubble”?

The name of our brand "Blue Bubble" or as we’d say in French la bulle bleue, besides conguring up the round and pleasant sound of a bubble of soap or serenity, we want to put across our French know-how that is not limited to France but attests to the skills of our region beyond our borders. It is our way to open up to the world, using English, to reach our global audience.