Advantages of Microfibers


A microfiber is defined by its incredibly small size: we call it "microfiber" as the size is lower than 1 decitex.

A decitex represents the weight in grams of 10,000 meters of yarn.

Any fiber with a decitex of less than 1 gram is considered to be a microfiber.

In other words, the total length of 10,000 meters of wire, weighs less than 1 gram.


The lower the decitex, the finer the microfiber and the more effective it is.

Our Blue Bubble range contains decitex of up to 0.25 or 0.30, which means that a 10,000 meter yarn only weighs 0.25 or 0.30 grams!

The water is drained by capillary action into a network made up of thousands of these microfibers. This ensures the best absorption and at a surprisingly fast speed.

Similarly, thanks to this dense network of microfibers, drying takes very little time, the air flowing inside the textile is increased.

This exclusive technology has been adapted to Blue Bubble bath range products by selecting only the finest microfibers (also called "ultra microfibers") to ensure best comfort, unmatched absorption and ultra fast drying.


This advanced drying avoids any residual moisture, there are no unpleasant odours even on a wet microfiber textile, kept in a beach, sports or hiking bag. It also effectively minimizes the risk of a build up of bacteria.  It is pure comfort.


In addition, the microfibers in our product ranges, specially designed for different uses, provide a real feeling of comfort and perfect well-being, whether it be from our soft luxurious bath ranges or the light and real softness of our mobile ranges. We do everything possible to provide innovative textiles, which are different to heavier, longer to dry, more expensive and more environmentally-damaging cotton textiles.


Whether you are looking for comfortable, pretty and luxurious products, you will find our microfiber ranges meet what you want and need and those looking for quality, performance and wellness.