French Design


The Blue Bubble range is the fruit of our teamwork and dedication of all of us within our company. Blue Bubble’s young French designers are creating innovative and unique model designs and products on a daily basis, then relying on an in-house Franco-Chinese research and design office.


Concept Manufacturing/Blue Bubble is unique in having its own manufacturing plant in China. We can therefore ensure an optimal level of quality and absolute respect for all prevailing international standards, paying particular attention to the right of employees. Our HR regulations are identical in China to those in France, thanks to a harmonized internal regulation. We scrupulously make sure to protect the environment, taking center stage at all levels of our manufacturing processes.


Our Quality Control department dedicated to this function in China controls all production steps. This department also meticulously checks the conformity of items and packaging, and carries out laboratory tests on a regular basis.


As soon as products arrive in France, the Quality Control department also conducts the same checks and tests in order to check the perfect match between the Chinese and French results. Concept Manufacturing/Blue Bubble’s logistics teams in Normandy then handle inventory management and deliveries.

Blue Bubble online orders are of course managed and handled by our French entity, where sales teams and a webmaster are permanently at hand to ensure client needs and satisfaction are taken care of.


We offer a maximum guarantee all along the chain when it comes to our products, thanks to the close management throughout each stage of production, from design to production, right along to our adapted distribution.