Integrated R&D and Logistics


The Blue Bubble range is the product of work coming from our dynamic inhouse team. The young Blue Bubble French designers are creating innovative and unique prototype models and products on a daily basis, then closely communicates with a Franco-Chinese team design office the company also owns.


Indeed, Concept Manufacturing/Blue Bubble is unique in having its own manufacturing plant in China. We can therefore ensure the maximum level of quality and respect for all applicable international standard. We pay particular attention to the rights of employees, which are identical in China to those in France, thanks to a harmonized internal regulation policy, and the practice of scrupulously making sure the environment is proteced, one of our crucial concerns throughout the manufacturing process.

All production stages are audited by the socalled "Quality Control" department dedicated to this function in China. It also meticulously makes sure the conformity of products and packaging quality, and carry outs laboratory tests on a regular basis.

When products arrive in France, the French Quality Control department also carries out the same checks and tests in order to check the perfect match between the Chinese and French results. Inventory management and deliveries are then handled by the Logistics teams at Concept Manufacturing / Blue Bubble's logistics in Normandy.

Our Blue Bubble e-commerce site is of course managed by the French entity. Our sales and website/IT teams are constantly in contact with our clients to ensure customer needs are met.

We can therefore provide customers unique product guarantees as we are able to perfectly control all stages of production, from product design to manufacturing right through to streamlined channel sales.