Blue Bubble Boat !



The Blue Bubble product range was born out of a dream and shared passion by all of our dedicated team, driven by creativity and dynamism.

It was so natural to be inspired by the dream of a young sportsman who is devoting all his energy to his goal and was looking for a partner to accompany him to make his dream become a reality.

It was after meeting with a young 19 year-old, passionate and enthusiastic sailor, Yann Blondel, that this shared goal came to be.

Blue Bubble has become offical sponsor to a magnificient 6.50 meter boat, drapped in the Blue Bubble colors for training and new races over the years. One such race is the mini transat in 219 which is a testament to Yann’s hard work training.

We will be present as much as possible during these events and we will closely follow the life of Yann and his sailboat which we’ll share on our social media networks and our website.

Apart from the pleasure of communicating about our brand in a way that’s off-the-beaten track, this project in itself carries a message of attachment and affection for those who dare, those who try, those who venture, in the respect of our planet. They, being the ambassadors and natural defenders of it.

Being associated with sailing and with a sailor who took up this sport from a very young age and who is pursuing his interpretation of life with such tenacity and rigor, corresponds well to the essence of our small company – making its mark and following its star just as Yann is doing with his sailboat.

We are proud to share this wonderful adventure with him.

You can find out more about this from "Our Latest News" section or from the French website, jeune marinYann Blondel