Our Services Credo


Our company has a very French culture and tradition, favoring listening and accommodating all our customers, in any circumstance or any question.

We guarantee a level of quality of our products and services for the most demanding users, because our customers are at the heart of everything we do and our efforts to develop and improve.


We are constantly innovating and are always in search of what the most accomplished technologies can provide. We have the total respect of the environment because it is a major stakeholder close to our hearts. We carried out our Carbon Review in 2011 and continues to do everything possible to minimize any harmful impact on our planet.


Our products are eco-friendly (see the "Why Choose Microfibers" section). We use recyclable materials such as cardboard packaging as much as possible.

This rigorous endorsement is  also followed by our factory in, making sure to recycle water, using only REACH-complying chemicals and respecting the applicable regulations in France and Europe.


We are convinced that the respect for our land is inseparable from the respect for the people who inhabit it, we work with the same ethics, the same rules and the same rights, in our French site and in our Chinese factory.


Cooperation and exchange are not empty words in our company. We promote creativity and exchange between all departments to ensure a pleasant work environment for all our personnel.

This unique dynamic makes it possible to offer our customers new and patented products, the fruit of our joint working efforts.